Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today's Weather February 7, 2012

Right now it is sunny and 56 degrees.You can see the live conditions from the Weather Bug Site at our school.


  1. Today is the perfect day for a ticker tape parade in New York City for the Super Bowl Champions the NY Giants. It is 47 degrees and sunny. Our school is about 20 minutes from NYC and Giant Stadium.

    Are there any landmarks we can research near your area?

  2. There are two landmarks you can research.The Seattle space needle,the gumwall and there are the Marniers,Sounders and Seahawks.

  3. Was there anyone that was for England Patriots? I was for the NY Giants. The weather here has been mostly around 50 or 40 degrees. It did rain today. Im not really a fan of rain, nor the sun. Im more for the rain only because it rains alot here. Most people like the rain, but mostly sprinkles. Do you guys like to play in the snow? I do, but i get cold really fast. In the rain i dont get cold so fast. Hope you guys enjoy some snow there!