Thursday, February 9, 2012

Current Conditions February 9, 2012

Today is 46 and rainy. 


  1. Brrr It's really cold outside and IT'S RAINING I wonder when whe will get more sun but I really hope for a nice spring I shure hope so

  2. It was 46 earlier this morning and very raining. I wish it would still snow a lot. I can not wait till spring break its going to be awesome. This school year is good.

  3. This scool year is going on fast. Valentines day is almost here, 6 more days.

  4. I heard it snowed 6 feet in eastern europe. It was like A mini ice age. It hasn't snowed for 50 to 60 years in eastern europe.

  5. Good Morning from Paramus, New Jersey! It is 8:35AM here in Paramus. We are learning about time zones in our class. We learned that your time zone is behind us! As a result, we are posting our weather the following day. :) On February 9th we had brilliant blue skies. It was 47 degrees. We are all looking forward to the snow tonight. The weatherman says we will receive one inch of snow tonight and then it is predicted to snow all day tomorrow!!! On Sunday it is predicted to be VERY windy! In October it became very windy after our snowstorm. This resulted in blackouts all over our area. We would love to send you pictures if you could tell us how to send them.

    1. Good morning Mrs. Glock's Class,

      We have an email address dedicated to this project. It is You might try sending a picture as an attachment. If that won't work we can try something else.

      From Mrs. Bauer

  6. Hello Mrs. Bauer!
    Thank you for sending us a message. We will email you a picture from Thursday right now. We will take another one over the weekend to show you our snowfall total (if the weatherman is right). Today in Paramus, NJ it is 32 degrees and a little cloudy. Maybe they are snow clouds! Where is your school located? We would like to look it up on the map. We are located on the northern tip of NJ. We have three malls in our town and three major highways. Route 4 and Route 17 and the Garden State Parkway. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!