Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Snowing!

Today it started snowing just before we arrived at school.  Here is a picture: from our classroom window:
It is 35 degrees right now and we will be going outside for recess.


  1. Happy Leap Day!
    No snow in NJ today just rain and a chilly 42 degree day. Our Leap program, as we are named, celebrated Leap Day with frog games: musical lily pads, pass the toad, pin the crown on the frog prince and amphibian bingo. We also made very cool frog snacks for our party and drank pond scum punch!!! It looked gross but tasted yummy! Shhh don't tell my class but starting next week we will be grown tadpoles in class! We email you some pictures of our new mascots!

    1. Your school sounds like a fun place to be. What was in the pond scum punch? We won't tell about the tad poles.