Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today's Weather February 19, 2012

Right now it is 41.5 degrees and cloudy.


  1. Hello From Myrtle Beach!!!
    My family and I have been geocacheing. We found a few caches in the local parking lot at Broadway at the Beach. We love Broadway at the Beach. It is an open air market with stores, restaurants, movie theaters,an aquarium, mini golf and the best part Magiquest! At Magiquest you become a wizard with your own magic wand and run around a castle to complete quests. It is a lot of fun!

    Today in Myrtle Beach South Carolina it is 59 degrees and raining.

    Back home in Paramus, NJ it is 45 degrees and sunny.

    Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

    1. Geocaching sounds fun. I know there are places in our area to do that, but I haven't gone yet.