Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today's weather February 16,2012

Today is cloudy and 39 degrees.  We are hoping for sun this afternoon.

Tonight is our school science fair.  We will have our projects set up in the gym and commons.


  1. Happy Thursday Weather Friends!
    Today in Paramus, New Jersey we had a high of 46 degrees with rain. Our class has been working on powerpoints of unusual places we read about in Washington. We will send them to you after they are complete. Has anyone in your class every gone geocaching?

    1. No one has gone geocaching although a few of us know about it.
      We recommend you learn about the gum wall in Seattle. It is a very odd tourist attraction where people put their used gum on the wall. EEW!

  2. WOW a science fair! That sounds like so much fun! Could you tell us a little about your favorite projects? Hope everyone has a fantastic time!

  3. One of us tested two types of wood to see which absorbs more water. Another person did his experiments with some different tops. A couple of us grew crystals. Some of us did experiments with plants. It was fun to see all the projects in the whole school.

  4. Thanks for the tip! We are almost done with out powerpoints and will email them too you soon :)

  5. We are currently growing crystals for St. Patrick's Day! Next week we will start growing frogs!!!