Friday, February 24, 2012

Average Temperatures and Graphing

Each week, usually on a Wednesday, we add up the temperatures for that week and divide by the number of days to find the average temperature for the week.

Next we put the average temperature for the week on a bar graph.  As you can see, we are experiencing typical winter weather in the Seattle area this year.


  1. Hello Weather Friends! We are still off this week. While off I created a new chart for my class with a step by step guide to fill in the information. I will email it to you to share. We have been tracking our weather from They provide a calendar that has been wonderful for my students to use as a reference. We will forward our data to you. Could you share yours with us as well?

    1. We will send you a copy of our data. We may go a little longer because I want to make sure each student has a chance to go to our Weather bug station and take the report.