Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Groundhog Predicted...

...six more weeks of winter weather.

Do you agree with the groundhog?

You can find our current conditions by clicking here.

We have a chance of snow showers tonight.


  1. i think the groundhog is right it will be winter for six more weekes.

  2. Hi Friends! We are very excited to share the weather with you this year from Paramus High School in Paramus, NJ! We have had a very exciting weekend! As you know the Super Bowl was in East Rutherford, NJ this weekend. Met Life Stadium is only about 15 minutes down the highway from our school!!! The weather for the game was not typical for this time of year. It was beautiful out with a temperature of 52 degrees. That is very high for February in NJ. Today was probably quite a change for Seahawk fans trying to travel home! Originally the weather report for our area was a dusting to an inch of snow. The snow began around 4AM and continued heavily until 7PM!!! We received 9 inches of snow!!! The meteorologists called it "juicy snow" because it was very wet and very heavy. I will send your teacher pictures to share tomorrow of our snow and Super Bowl Boulevard in Times Square NY tomorrow. We will also update you on two more snowstorms predicted for our area later in the week. We are very excited to track the weather with you again this year!!!
    Mrs. Glock's Class

  3. Welcome Mrs. Glock's Class! We are happy you are joining us. Thank you for the pictures of the snow and the Super Bowl. We are excited that Seattle won.

  4. i think there wont be snow