Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11, 2014

Right now it is 42 and cloudy.

Here is a weather map of the east coast storm our weather friends from New Jersey sent us.  We hope they are staying warm today.

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  1. Hello Weather Friends!
    Today our high temperature reached 26 degrees. Our average high temperature for this time of year is 39 degrees. We learned that our current high temperature today was 13 degrees colder than average!
    Today our low temperature was 16 degrees. Our average low temperature for this time of year is 24 degrees. We learned that today's low temperature was 8 degrees colder than average! Brrrr!!!
    Winter Storm Pax is on its way to our area. So far the storm has hit many of the southern states on the east coast such as Georgia and South Carolina. Because these areas typically do not receive snow or ice they are not prepared for this type of weather. Two weeks ago schools in Georgia we taken by such surprise that many of the students and staff members had to sleep at the school. The local towns did not have plows or salt to prepare for the storm. In preparation for Pax many of these schools are already closed. Up north we giggle about schools closing for an inch of snow. Our schools do not typically close unless the weather reports say the snow will last all day.
    We will keep you posted on the impact of Pax in our area as it moves closer to our area.

    Mrs,. Glock's Class
    Paramus, NJ