Sunday, February 9, 2014

February 9, 2014 -- SNOW!

Pardon our excitement, but the Seattle area doesn't get snow very often.  We have maybe three inches, but if it's enough to play in, it's deep.

Right now it is 32 degrees.  We are expecting more snow flurries throughout today.  It's supposed to warm up and turn to rain by tomorrow.  Good thing it is Sunday and we don't have school.

For our current conditions at Terrace Park, click here.

Here is a frozen pond about a mile and a half from school.  Yesterday I (Mrs. Bauer) watched some confused birds on their frozen homes.  Today there is snow.  I didn't see any birds.


  1. We are so excited to hear about your snow!!! We received about a 1/2 inch tonight in Paramus, NJ. Hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy it a little bit!

  2. Me+snow=snowman! Its so much fun to play in it!