Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014

Right now it is partly sunny and 43.

Here is the link to our Weather Bug station.

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  1. Hello Weather Friends from the Arctic Tundra!
    Today we had a high of 25 degrees. Driving to work this morning it was 5 degrees! The wind chill made it feel about -15 below zero. We have not experiences temperatures this cold in a long time! Local businesses are totally out of snow shovels, snow boots, and rock salt. Due to the number of winter storms the State of NJ has run out of salt to use on our streets. Currently, there is a ship carrying 40,000 tons of rock salt stuck in Maine. A 1920's Maritime Law prohibits ships from docking in our state without an American Flag visible. Congress is trying to pass an emergency injunction to allow the ship to travel to NJ before the storm. Even if it arrives it might be too late for the local town trucks to reach it in time to pick up the salt and bring it back before the snow starts. Most towns use between 250-800 tons of salt during a winter storm to make the roads safe for travel. This lack of salt could result in long delays for life to return to normal in our area if the snow amount predicted is accurate. We will continue to keep you posted on Winter Storm Titan's snowfall amounts.
    Mrs. Glock's Class
    Paramus, NJ