Sunday, March 17, 2013

Our Conclusions

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We had a difficult time agreeing on a conclusion.  Mrs. Bauer's class thought since it was warmer than usual, we had early spring.  Mrs. Wiersma's class thought it was still cold enough to be winter weather.

Last evening the temperatures dropped suddenly and as Mrs. Bauer's family went out to a play we had snow and hail pour on us.  This definitely is winter weather.

We hope you enjoyed following our predictions and observations this year.  Thank you Mrs. Glock's Class in Paramus, N. J. for giving us the East Coast perspective.

Wishing you a pleasant spring,
The Groundhog Predictions Team


  1. Hello Weather Friends!
    On St. Patrick's Day we received more snow! Watching the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade in the snow was fun but very chilly. Today the weather men have predicted guess what??? MORE SNOW!!! Anywhere between 1-6 inches!
    We will be plotting our data today and will post it as soon as we complete it and make our decision.

    1. I read the forecast for your area this morning. I hope you don't get too much snow. So much for early spring.