Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013

It was below freezing this morning when I got up.  I had to scrape ice off the windshield.  Right now it is 36 degrees and sunny.
You can check the current conditions at the Weather Bug station at our school using this link.

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  1. WOW! We were wondering if you every had snow or ice by you. Today is bright an sunny with a high temperature of 33 degrees.

    There is a HUGE snowstorm heading our way Wednesday into Thursday. The bottom half of our state, where Hurricane Sandy hit the hardest, is expected to receive 12-15 inches of snow with a lot of costal flooding. They have suggested that residents in this area prepare for evacuations. This area of our state is just starting to rebuild and recover. Unfortunately, due to storm damage all of the dunes that once protected residents from coastal flooding are not washed away. We are hoping for the best for all residents down in that area.

    Depending upon which weather report you watch our area at the top right corner of NJ may or may not receive the storm. We have found through our weather research that the Weather Channel is not the most accurate for predicting. Other websites are predicting the storm to turn and hit our area. We will keep you posted! If it hits our area rest assured I will have my handy dandy ruler out to measure the snow!

    This storm is called Saturn. We will see if I can build something good with that name!