Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 7, 2013

 You can check the current conditions at the Weather Bug station at our school using this link.
Today it is 40 degrees and sunny.


  1. Good Morning Weather Friends! On Thursday, February 7th our weather was partly cloudy with a high temperature of 32 and a low temperature of 24 degrees.

    Today, Friday, February 8th we are under BLIZZARD WARNINGS!!!! There are two low pressure systems that will meet this afternoon bringing snow totals anywhere from 12-40 inches of snow!!!! High winds up to 60MPH are predicted with white out conditions early this evening. Power outages are anticipated. The gas station lines have been very long since yesterday afternoon. The food stores lines are very long too but the shelves are bare. A State of Emergency will be in effect beginning at 3PM today. All cars should be off of the road at this time.

    Our schools all have early dismissal today. We are leaving school at 12PM. Probably close to the time you will be arriving at school. The class will be measuring the snow every few hours to see how much we receive. We will send you pictures over the weekend to let you know how much we received from our blizzard call Nemo.
    You can track our weather at Our zip is 07652. Is there a way to post pictures to your blog?

    1. Good Morning,
      If you have pictures you would like us to post, send them to groundhogpredictions(at)gmail(dot)com with a note that you would like to share them.
      We hope you are safe today.

  2. Just saw this after I sent them to you. Sorry :( feel free to post any you think your class would enjoy.