Friday, January 25, 2013

One Week Away

One week from today our fourth graders will begin sharing our weather observations and comparing them with the groundhog's predictions.  Do you think a groundhog can predict the weather?

Do you think we will have six more weeks of winter weather or six more weeks of spring weather?  If you post, please tell us where you are from and what the weather is like where you are.

Thank you,
The Groundhog Predictions Team


  1. Yippee!!!! Our class is so excited to participate with your class again. Right now it is 32 degrees and raining ice pellets. Very gray day here in Paramus, NJ. Trying to talk my family into taking a drive to Gobbler's Knob. If we make the trip I will send you some pictures. Looking like next year might be better for the trip though :(

  2. Welcome back!
    I am teaching fourth graders this year and the fourth grade class next door will also join us.
    I'm hoping for early spring.

  3. One more day until Phil decides if we will have six more weeks of winter! We have ten people participating in the project this year. Curious to see Phil's decision. We have not received very much snow this year in Northern New Jersey. There is a small amount predicted in our forecast this weekend. Below are a few of the websites we will be using to track our weather over the next six weeks.

    As I introduced this project to my class today we discovered that we are 2,862 miles away from your school. We would need to drive through 13 different states and change time zones three times to reach your school from ours here in Paramus, New Jersey. We learned that New Jersey is three hours behind Washington. We go to lunch as you arrive at school! If we drove on a school bus it would take us 41 hours to arrive at your school!!! Can you tell us all the states you would need to drive through from your school to reach Paramus, New Jersey? Our zip code is 07652. This afternoon we will poll the class for their groundhog predictions. Can't wait to hear yours!

  4. The fourth graders in Mountlake Terrace are here.

  5. Mrs. Wiersma's class wanted to know what our official "Spring" temperatures are? We thought it should be 50 degrees or so. One of our parents says they can skip wearing a coat if it's at least 50 degrees.

  6. And so ye faithful,
    There is no shadow to see,
    An early spring for you and me!

    At 7:39 am this morning (E.T) Punxatawney Phil did NOT see his shadow!

    Cheers to an early spring! Mrs.W

  7. I thought we would have a late winter but i guess im wrong but im actually glad i was wrong,and im also glad im wrong.I wonder if the ground hog can actually see his shadow,because that would be one smart groundhog ;)