Monday, March 5, 2012

Current Conditions March 5, 2012

Right now it is 34 degrees and pouring down rain.  Snow is in the forecast.

Updated at 2:00 pm -- it is snowing, but not sticking.


  1. Dear Weather Friends,
    We are so sorry our posts have not appeared over the last two weeks. I has posted our data from a different computer. From that computer we did not see the section asking if we could prove we were not a robot,lol! We should be all caught up now.
    On Monday, March 5th we had beautiful blue skies and a high of 35. Little be colder than the past week. The weatherman is predicting temps in the high 60's low 70's at the end of the week. This is very unusual for our area!
    On Monday we presented our weather findings and powerpoints the the vice principal of our school. He loved our project and we had to share the news with you. Hope you all are enjoying a magical day!

    1. Thank you for faithfully posting to us. It has been fun to compare the weather both places. I am glad your principal liked your project.

  2. Just checked our weather today for yesterday. We had a high of 45 and a low of 28 on March 5th. It was bitter cold last and damp last night. The cold wind felt like it was stinging our cheeks. Hope it warms up soon!